Thursday, February 17, 2011

I sell values.......

Selling tips...

There are two types of salesperson, one that sells products and the other sells values. The former who sells products has to be aggressive, persistence, thick skinned and highly motivated to succeed. Without these qualities he might not last long in his selling because high rejections and turn downs could discourage his prospecting and selling.

The latter who sells with values works differently. The products aren't very important because he sells trust, experiences, knowledge, confidence, integrity, honesty, sincerity, faithfulness, caring, commitment, humour and plenty of understanding of life or wisdom. If you have all these qualities, these are your values to make selling much easier. Meaning, your clients would definitely feel great to know you, rather than the important of the products they purchase.

Remember -“Salespeople with the healthiest and highest self-esteem don’t have overblown egos. These highly successful salespeople view their job as creating value for customers. This is a very healthy view of selling. Serving. Helping. Focusing on solutions. Salespeople who focus on making sales will never enjoy the long-term success, client respect, or self-esteem of those who focus on creating more and better value for customers.”

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