Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't ask for discount when you want a good job to be done

Ah Soon is my car repairer and sprayer. Last week my car was slightly hit at the back with a dented mudguard. Since the New Year was drawing near and I needed to drive to Singapore, I called Ah Soon to pick up my car for  repairing. He is a guy who could give a shine to one without the brightness. I mean to change the look of an old car like mine.

Ah Soon came in the early morning to take my car and promised to bring it back after three days. I just told him what I wanted to be done and not one word was asked over the charges. Later of the day, little darling was curious about the repairs bill. I told her it's up to Ah Soon. 

The reason was simply I trusted him who would do a good job as promised. When one trusts another person, you don't doubt the other person's creditability and value. In fact by not even knowing what was the final cost of the repair, I had put a lot of pressure on my friend. He knew I have the fullest confidence in him, and he knew he had to deliver. He had to give his best to an unquestionable customer, who seldom comes by in life. True enough! Three days later when he brought back my Honda, it was almost like a brand new motor car. Every corner was properly done with shines from inside to the outside. Believe me, the charges were very reasonable. Not forgetting he had to provide home delivery as well. I was  totally a satisfied customer and I paid him immediately without question.

My personal view.. A lousy customer is one who would request for discount prior to any buying or transaction. The more one who demands, the least he might gain. After all, the seller or the repairer isn't a fool too. Be reasonable and be fair, and the outcome would always turn fruitful and satisfying. And I'm sure little darling learns as she reads my contents.

I like this proverb - “Be realistic, demand the impossible!” - Che Guevara quote


Wan said...

Dear Robert,
Trust is earned, and should not be compromised.
However, I believe that it is good to ask for the price before any purchase to prevent any untoward incident which may jeopardise the good relationship.
Have you come across anyone who don't bothered to ask the price or fee at the beginning, but insist to get a discount upon completion of the job?
Well, just follow your heart...
Have a nice day...

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,
Morning. You have a point there and it's good of you to comment. Thank you so much.