Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Feminine Ladies don't bargain

One keen reader wrote about shopping....
Adel said...
Some ladies don't bargain. It's either they fear about their reputation or they are introvert. They feel bargaining is kinda being in fish market. Introvert ladies whom are the 'strict feminine' type believes in four rules,'eat like a lady, sit like a lady, walk like a lady and talk like a lady'. They think bargaining is like talking loud like guy and getting what you want in the end. Well, I studied in Convent school, and my principal always stress on the four rules. So, most of us are not good enough in bargaining:)
January 11, 2012 11:57 AM
She must be right - "I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine" - Nancy Reagan quote.
What say you my dear Adel?


Adel said...

I wa sshocked when I saw my name on your post today..Hahahahaha.
"I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine" - Nancy Reagan quote.
It's true. Someone feminine is always respected by all, and gets more attention, too. Mothers are very feminine, we want our girlfriend or wife to be feminine,too. Who wants a 'gangster' wife? :P
People will always respect you, and priority given to them by the opposite gender. Talk politely, and with mannerism, you will get what you want. And, one more, when you act so, people will never forget you. A lab assistant where I studied few years before remembers my name till now, and I was overwhelmed when he call me by name, and I couldn't recall his name. I felt like 'kacang lupakan kulit'. During my final year studies, whenever I need to go to lab at night, He will make the arrangements and get for me the keys. (I don't know how to put them in words. I'm just giving an example, I'm not boasting), but you have more life-experience, I'm sure you could help me to explain it better?)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Adel,

Good things must be shared, especially from a knowledgeable lady like you.

The five senses are important in life; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touches. The most effective is the first one...Sight.

Your four rules are eat, sit and walk like a lady captured the attention of the lad assistant and you spoke so gentle to draw his listening. Both these two senses of you remained permanently in his mind.

Thank you so much for your comment my dear.