Thursday, January 19, 2012

Methods of Love.....

Through the years I learned to understand more of love. Let me share the Methods of Love today....

Kiss on the ear indicates I'm horny.
Kiss on the cheek represents We're friends.
Kiss on the hand is like telling.. I adore you.
Kiss on the shoulder means I want you.
Kiss on the lips... I Love you.
Holding hands is to say... We can learn to love each other.
Looking into each other's eyes... Let's get romantic.

If Maram reads, he might disagree with me or if Wan who reads my blog everyday, he would always says yes no matter what my topics are or if this feminine lady Adel comes around, she might have her own version. I'm anxiously waiting to see who has the guts to tell me more about love.

Finally... The Constitution of Love Code... "If you love someone, show them and say so!"


Wan said...

Hey Robert,
You are 1 great man who really observed matters in detailed...
You are right that I would agree with you, but since I am borned in the 70s, culturally a kiss to me means i want you. But a kiss to all the youngsters now means nothing much...
Have a Great & Happy Chinese New Year.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,

Kisses come in many ways. Sometimes on the ear or on the cheek. Which kiss you refer as 'I want you'? Don't forget I was borned in the 40s.

Adel said...

Yes, agree with Wan. You're observant. And, kiss means nothing much to youngsters. I believe kiss on the shoulder, or collarbone means I love the person. And it means the person that I adore is perfect to my eyes.

Robert Foo said...

Yes Adel,

I was never good in my studies when I was a kid because I didn't pay attention in school. Only when I came out to this working world, I learned to be more observance in details.

Perhaps I have less intelligence and more of smartness. Thank you for the frank and sincere comments.