Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Musical Inspiration....

The other week while staying in my son's home in Singapore, I learned something interesting from my daughter in law, Chee Ying. She works as a legal advisor with an International Firm. A great lady who works and at the same time a strong and caring mother, husband and daughter to her family. Most of the time, she remains in her home to do her daily work and assignments for her company. 

I asked her how she could perform so well for her boss while she has to fence for the family. While taking care of her three growing children and attending her sickly mum, she has to surf and interact through her laptop most of the time. There were calls coming in and she had to speak effectively to all her clients too. Definitely not me! I won't be able to perform and work efficiently with so much of distraction in the house. Back at home, I have my own locked office room where I do my daily planning and write up.

According to Chee Ying, she enjoyed working while seeing her family around. They were their motivators who give her the inspiration to excel. The noise and disturbance could never distract her. Even when she was young, she needed the music and TV for excitement to make her studied. I think she is totally right because Alvin, my eldest son was the same. When he was a kid, I had to scold him endlessly for listening to his walk-man's music and switching on the TV for entertainment while preparing for his examination. I stopped bothering him until when he could pass with flying colour in all his studies. He ended his education with a super Honour in England later.

Moral of the story - Each individual thinks differently. We require different energies to spur our brains. Some need the softer approaches, while the others might need more sophisticated and creative ways. You have to soul search yourself. So the next time when you see your children who love the music while studying, try not to nag at them so soon. Be more observance to understand.

Without music life would be a mistake - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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