Monday, January 02, 2012

The most ideal place to make love...

I am still on holiday mood and today is also a public holiday over in Malaysia. Let's have some fun.

Quite many years back, a lady was trying to challenge my naughty mind. The answers to her exciting questions would also determine one's character and personality. She said you are invited by your sexy love mate to make love. Five different places are offered to me for picking. They are; bedroom, bathroom, inside the car, behind some bushes in a park and on the beach. Wow!

If you are one reader there, which place would you select. Please be frank and truthful. After all, no one would knows except yourself. Right?

Before I tell you mine, the lady friend sized up the various characters depicting the location they opt. Those who prefer the bedroom are usually the boring type. If you picked the bathroom, at least you are better than the first one but you are not a risk taker either. Those who fancy inside the car, they are likely the interesting type of people. In the park! Wow! They are definitely risk takers and not afraid of anything. If you happened to take the beach to make love, you are considered a confident and a romantic person. As for me, without any hesitation I took the challenge to go to the beach, where I could see the moon and hear the waves together with my love. How I wish it could happen tonight. A song I remember... Meet me tonite in the moon light!

I believe - "An old man in love is like a flower in winter" - Portuguese Proverb

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