Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A forgiving heart.....

A Corporate lady friend seek my advices. She claimed that she is always sleepy and tired, though she sleeps and rests a lot. And she is only in her early forties.

I told her... A happy heart always sees a beautiful world but when your heart isn't happy, everything is ugly in front of you. When a person has hatred, the heart won't be happy. When you are a hot temper person, you have fewer friends and the heart won't be happy. When you tend to be an arrogant person, most people might avoid you, and the heart won't be happy too. All these create negative emotion, make you more stressful and suck your energy without you even realising it. Yes the lady might not need to work very hard physically but the stressful mind took the heavy burden on her. She gets tired easily for not doing much on her work.

My advices... Set free your thought. Lower your expectation in everything you see. Hold no grudges on others. See the good side of life. Avoid all negative thoughts. Be forgiving and willing to give rather than to receive. Be humorous and laugh as much as you can. Smile even when you are angry. Have fun in your work. These behaviours could possibly add more love into your heart. And when your heart has love, your mind would definitely feel lighter. You will be more lively and I'm sure you will see a beautiful world in front of you. 

For this special lady - "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you" - Unknown

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