Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We wanted to try out sex and ended up pregnant...

Last night I was invited to a friend's wedding dinner. Not him getting marry but rather was his young son who is only 17. The father had no time to send to all his guests the official invitation cards. I was invited through the phone only two weeks ago, and the dinner was on a Monday evening. Normally all wedding dinners are conducted on weekends and the invitation cards are posted two or three months earlier. To have a weekend's wedding dinner, the hosts have to place the restaurant booking in advance. Normally couples would plan a year ahead, trying to get the best hotels or restaurants in town for such occasions. Is also a manner to let guests know of their marriages by posting the cards much earlier ahead. 

I was caught in such a short span of time and Monday was also a heavy day to attend function. But being that the host is my good friend, I had to accept his kind invitation for his nite. Out of curiosity I asked him why the rush! With hesitation he said... "Accident lah!" Without going further, I knew what was the real meaning behind. And I'm sure you too. Right? The bride and groom are both only seventeen. What a age to get marry. Believe me this is happening right in our country. Only few days back I read this story in our local news. Please feel free to read on.....

MALACCA: Sixteen-year-old teenage mum Salina (not her real name) who had sex with her neighbour wasn't even aware that she was pregnant after an intimate session at a secondary jungle in Kuala Pilah, Negri Sembilan, last year.

Salina said she and the boy had planned to go to a fast-food restaurant but ended up in the jungle “to try out sex”

& ldquo;I never knew that one could get pregnant on her first time, but I was wrong. Now, I am expecting a baby,” she said yesterday.

Salina said she regretted her action.

& ldquo;I admit that I was partly to be blamed,” she said.

& ldquo;My urge to try out sex made me coerce my friend into taking us somewhere secluded to do it.”

She said it was also the reason why she stopped her family from lodging a police report against the boy.

& ldquo;He has promised to marry me once I reach the right age,” she said, adding that her family too wanted her to keep the child.

Another teenager said she got pregnant “accidentally” after watching a pornographic video with a classmate.

& ldquo;We ended up copying the act,” she said.

The 17-year-old said she and her friend had gone to stall for a drink when the boy showed her the video clip.

& ldquo;Soon after, we left to a find a suitable place to do it,” she said.

& ldquo;We did it in an unusual place under a staircase of a flat.”

She quit school when she learned that she was pregnant. “I am now waiting for my friend to marry me once we are capable of managing a family.”

Pregnancy quote - "Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart" - Mandy Harrison

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