Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Malaysia's oldest man, dies aged 117.

Want to know the formula to longevity! Read on please...

BESUT: Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar (pic) or Pak Man, believed to be Malaysia's oldest man, has died at an age of 117.
He died at Kampung Denger, Bukit Puteri on Sunday.
His wife, Saadiah Hamat, 71, and one of his sons, Mohamad Deraman, 56, were by his bedside when he passed away at 5.30pm.
During his lifetime, Abdul Rahman married eight times and had two sons and three daughters, 25 grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and four great great grandchildren.
Abdul Rahman, who was believed to be born in 1895 - although his date of birth was registered on July 20, 1907 in his identity card - was awarded the Terengganu senior citizen icon by the state Health Department a few years ago. An ex-carpenter, Pak Man once attributed his longevity to avoiding sweet, salty and milky food, cold drinks, and smoking, and eating local vegetable.
Abdul Rahman never suffered diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and any heart ailment.
He read the Quran without the aid of glasses, moved about without the aid of a walking stick and performed prayers without any help.
Pak Man was buried at the Kampung Denger Muslim Cemetery after the Zohor prayers Monday. - Bernama.

I learned something from here. Immaterial of what age a man is, he needs to have a woman as companion, partner, lover or a wife. Otherwise it's so difficult to live alone, especially for us.. Man.

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