Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Too Possessive in love is wrong...Part 2

I had written this title.. "Too Possessive in love is wrong" on 21 April 2011 before. I had many new readers who are captured by this interesting post constantly. Few asked for help. Perhaps I should have Part 2 today to talk a little more on this common problem facing most young lovers of today.
R said...
Hi Robert,

I dunno if it was accidental that i read this post now. My relation is in trouble and its bcoz of me. i was too much possessive on her. but gradually she made me realize that it was bad. i changed a bit. but whenever we get to spend less time, my possessive attitude comes out and because of that, i hurt her a lot.

i totally don't like this. i don't want to hurt her.
i want her to be happy always. so i am thinking of breaking up and letting her feel free.

is this decision of mine correct.
Suman said...
I have the same problem like "R".
but the only difference is that my lover left me because of my over possessiveness..she dont want to stay with me anymore. frankly speaking i am having lack of confidence. i can go any extent to rectify myself.but i dont want to loose her. in our last conversation she told me that until & unless she feels love for me, she will not come back again... she is my kohinoor diamond i dont want to loose her... please help me.
September 4, 2012 5:23 AM
RF said 
Hi Suman, Young lovers normally behave this way. It takes time before they learn. It's good that you should treat her like a friend first. Meanwhile both of you should give each other the freedom to mix freely with others. By experiencing and knowing more friends, you would understand yourself better. Just like you have to study many years in education before you could gain the degree. Right? So! Don't be disheartened. Go out, move on and see the world outside. If only you could smile again, would your sweetheart loves you again. Good luck to you. And thank you for reading my blog. 

Little darling read the comments. She revealed her feeling and said...
yes takes lot of experiences in life to know what actual love is....i am not saying that i am good but i know i have been through, experienced and understand what true love is all about.... it takes too much of pain, anxiety, hate, sacrifice,  sharing & etc to know it....But i am glad that today I am stronger, I know what I want.....I am experiencing this beautiful of love, enjoying and tasting too good from you my love....thank you baby for coming into my love and sharing your wonderful, fun and exciting love journey with me.....I love you 10wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Suman.. Do you know why little darling loves me so much? Loving a person is to trust her and give the best of myself to make her feel good all the time. Let her have all the freedom. The more you control her, the more she feels being possessed and that's when she feels miserable and upset.  Remember, love doesn't delight in evil but rather it rejoices with the truth. It always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

You like to add on please.....!!!!

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