Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Art of Talking.....

Some friends were trying to learn from me the right way to speak. Yes! Talking or speaking is easy for everyone but to speak with effectiveness needs some skill. More so  to write and explain could be even more difficult. Anyway I would attempt my best to pen it here for my keen readers to learn a bit today.

Talking and speaking is a passion. If you could develop the right way to speak, your listeners would bound to like and understand you. The words you used are important and the tone of voice to say those words are equally important too.

Example: Seeing an old uncle, you address him as "Hi Uncle!" He might not feel so special with that addressing. For me, I prefer to greet him as "Hi wonderful Uncle!" The voice has to be clear and loud. Just by adding another one word of 'wonderful' at the front, could make him feel nice and pleasant.

Example: Wife calling her elderly husband, "Why are you so late old man?" For my little darling, she would definitely say like this to me.. "Sweet, why are you so late?" That word 'sweet' is romantic and loving to hear. And yet most people are reluctant to give.

Example: Wife reminding older husband... "You are already 65 my dear!" Whereas little darling would remind me.. "You are only reaching sexy 65 sweetheart." Plus voicing with a positive and higher tone. The upper could make the husband feel very old, while the latter make me feel so young and strong. 

I hope these three examples could change the way you speak. Otherwise see me in person and let me encharm you with my passion... Talking.

Food for thought - "Words have incredible power. They can make people's hearts soar, or they can make people's hearts sore"  --Dr. Mardy Grothe 


Katy said...

Dear Robert.
Saying something is quite easy, but saying it with heart is challenging. The former is just an actor. The latter is original, sincere, & from the heart. And people can see these through his eyes & his body language . No way to deceive for long. The real self unfolds even without him knowing it! I wonder which one is you Dear Robert, the former or the latter?

Anonymous said...

My dear Robert,
'its only words, words that I have, to take your heart away' remember this BeeGees song. I believe word are truly powerful when said with heart, not just with your lips! If you can pretend very well, like the casanovas of old, you can still make the kill but not for long! One day the lips will slip and the lies spilled for everyone to see.
Your views please!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Katy,
Sorry for the late reply coz was away.

I always speak from the heart but gradually I learn to speak better than Actors. Because Actors never speak from the heart.

Would love to speak with you if given an opportunity my dear.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Kavita,

Speaking from the heart is always touching but one still needs to master the use of words to touch with a better effect.