Friday, September 07, 2012

Can your Soul be stolen?

I was looking forward to Brandon's school term holiday for two months recently. He is my eldest grand son studying in Singapore. He promised to stay with us for one week in my house for a short holiday. Believe me, out of the one week when he was with me, I hardly got the time to talk to him. He got up at 11am. Immediately after his late breakfast, he would be playing his latest computer games, very high tech, and could go on line with his others friends in Singapore. The whole day, he would be on it or surf his laptop until late into the night. He is really addicted to the IT world and I could not say a word to stop him from it. And now he had gone back home to Singapore. Yes! He was with us physically but his soul was not.

I related this story to a friend who is in his mid forties. He stared at me and said, you were lucky because he is only your grand son. Ever since my wife bought an ipad home, she has almost forgotten me. She is chasing all those Korean Movies through this little gadget. At breakfast she clicked on to it, inside the toilet she clicked again and later of the evening while we were having our dinner, she clicked to it so more. It seems the shows won't end, every chapter is getting more exciting and she couldn't resist not to continue. The worst part is, she has forgotten to even make love with me cause the ipad is even more important than anyone in her life now. Physically she is at home but the soul isn't.

Big problem isn't it???


Happy walker said...

yeah, my soul has been stolen.. >.<

Robert Foo said...

Hi Mr Lonely,

Now I know why you are lonely too. Thank you for coming back.

Happy walker said...

yeah... no problem~ =D