Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank you teachers.

To get good employees to work in our country isn't easy. Many young graduates cannot speak well and cannot write efficiently. Their personal drive and confident level are low. Many of my clients' children who have high degrees or even carried a Master could not gain employment in the corporate world. A daughter with Honour in her studies was jobless for three years, had recently took up teaching. Many like her who became teacher out of no choices. They had never wanted to be a teacher in the first place. The simple reason is, teaching isn't a honourable profession to these young people. Plus low income, while the corporate world pays much higher with more benefits. 

Now I wonder.. would a teacher who isn't really interested in teaching be made a good teacher eventually! I always believe a good teacher will bring out good students. In our childhood days, all teachers were highly respected everywhere. They loved their profession and they gave the best to educate us. They taught us like we were their children. Their endless effort wasn't just the monetary gain but rather to see us to excel well in our later life. If it wasn't  my teachers who guided and assisted me, I won't have what I'm today. 

It's so sad to have lost those types of committed teacher, but I still hope and pray that we can bring them back here again. Perhaps it's time that our country has to do something for this teaching career. Give teachers more glory and pride, and pay them well. A progressive Nation is one which have good teachers to  teach good students. 

Food for thought - "Teachers should be the highest paid employees on earth" - Tbelle

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