Friday, April 12, 2013

A sincere heart, creative mind and a sweet mouth I am.....

Selling tips..........

I was asked this question by some rookie agents. What's the secret to be successful in selling life insurance on a long term basis?

My answers are quite simple. Have a sincere heart, creative mind and a sweet mouth.

They were scratching their heads, not knowing exactly what they are!!!

A sincere heart is one who is kind, willing to serve, have plenty of love and happiness to share. If one has love in the heart, he is usually creative, intelligent and smart. Smart people are fun and exciting people. They speak with joy, inspiring, full of enthusiasm and humorous. 

So! If you are so kind hearted, so wise and so sweet with your words, how could you fail in any career!!!

Would you agree there?


Happy walker said...

urm what if a person is kind but do not have sweet mount or creative mind? hmm.. >.<

Robert Foo said...

Hi Mr Not So Lonely,

Please read tomorrow posting which will answer your question. Thank you.