Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet words can melt the heart............

Last Friday I posted this title, "A sincere heart, creative mind and a sweet mouth". On the comment's column, Mr Lonely asked... "What is if a person is kind but do not have sweet mouth and creative mind?"

The answer is quite simple, that person is going to be lonesome.

You might be kind but when the heart isn't happy, the mind will never be able to think creatively. To be kind, one has to willingly serve, to share, to listen and to understand others. Just saying kind but nothing is being done would not gain the emotion and feeling of the mind. When one is prepared to go out and reach out to others, something bound to happen. If truly your heart has the kindness, you naturally would offer your services and assistance to those who might need your help. The process of attempting to render your help will make you feel satisfying and happy. Happiness is to see others happier because of yourself.

Next! When you heart is happy, joyful and with full of love, the mind automatically will react simultaneously to the action. The action excites the mind which leads to creative and impact thoughts. These creative and impact thoughts signal the mouth to function. You tend to speak with enthusiasm and excitement. Your words are pleasant and sweet to listen. And I'm pretty sure, your eyes will also sparkle and grow with love. 

Mr Lonely, if you have these eyes of love, you will not be lonesome any more because your love would capture the attention of many lady admirers and your sweet mouth would melt their hearts. 

  • Anonymous
    "Please God, make my words today sweet and tender, for tomorrow I may have to eat them"

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