Thursday, April 04, 2013

Black and white has many implications in life.

Black goes well with white. Black indicates attention and white is a neutral colour. Surprisingly when these both colours are matched together, they are striking and attractive to see. If a lady dresses a black blouse and a white skirt, all eyes would be on her. Or if a gentleman wears a white coat with a black pant, I'm sure he would look great as well. Colours do play an important part of life.

If black and white are compatible and are appealing to our human sight, does it go well with 'love and romance?' My answers are yes and no. If a black or dark man stands besides a white or fair lady, the lady will stand out very well. All attention and admiration would be over towards the lady. And if the lady is the girlfriend to the man, most likely he would feel good and proud. However if a black or darker lady stands together with a white or fairer man, the opposite might happen. The man tends to capture more attention over the lady. And if the man is the boyfriend, she might gradually get jealous over the admiration of her man. I had seen many conflicts and separation of couples just because of skin colours. Perhaps the affected couples might not even know and aware that their colour differences is the main cause of their misunderstanding.

From a far or looking from a distance, an ideal compatible couple is one, when the man has to be darker than his woman. While standing with her darker man, she being fairer looks attractive and adorable. The black and white has the effect of our wondering eyes. Still refuse to accept my words, then go out to see for yourself to believe.

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