Monday, April 08, 2013

Name determines faith and destiny....

The Chinese has a Wisdom Belief, a person's name has to be named right for a better future. Those days, whenever a child was born, a rich family would get a scholar to name the new-born, while the poor who were not educated could simply named their babies. Names like Ah Kow (dog), Ah Ngo (cow) or Ah Gee (pig) were given to their children for easy remembering. Surprisingly good names ended well in life, and those with funny character names were not so lucky then. Look likes names determine a person's faith and destiny.

I was not aware of such belief until 31 years ago, when I happened to meet a Chinese Master who took time to explain about our Chinese culture and the significance of names. On analyzing my Chinese name, he suggested that I should change my three Chinese Character names by adding a few more strokes to them. The sounding are the same but the meaning are different. According to him the number of strokes in those three characters were the factor to determine a better personality. In order for me to accept my new name, I had to forget my previous one. I was instructed to write my three Chinese character names for 100 times a day, and to write them for the next 100 days. At the same time, I had to write officially 10 different letters addressing to friends or relatives staying north, south, east and west away from my home, informing them that my name was changed. All my business name cards were printed with the new name too. I specially ordered a ring engraved with the new name as well. I took every instruction and suggestion seriously. Hardly a year later, and without me realizing, I gradually lifted my entire outlook of life. From a fixed monthly income job, I took the challenge  to become a life insurance agent. My family and relatives were against my move then, but with so much of determination and desire to succeed, I wasn't the least afraid or scared to accept this self employed career. To look back of the last 30 years of how this self seeking career assisted in my personal development, I strongly believe it was the changing of my Chinese name that had also changed my entire faith and destiny.

Moral of the story: Our names are important in life. Make sure they are named right according to your numerical birth and stars. 

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