Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can't be asking for more.

Are you complaining the car you are driving is uncomfortable? Oh Yes! This reminded me that one of my dear who is driving a Kia Rio currently is unhappy with the model. Though is only three years old, she said the car is small and difficult to get in. Then another honey who is driving a Nissan is planning to buy a sport car of her fancy. Yes! Talk to any lady agents, they would have their dreams to possess expensive cars. They would never be satisfied of what they have at the moment.

To those who are not contented of what they have now, please look at the picture posted again. You are demn lucky to have a car to move around. Not this poor lady who rides on this train journey home. Do you still want to ask for more?

Food for thought - "We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."
Frederick Keonig quotes


Kadija said...

Dear Robert,

Its true wat u've said, Still remember whn ihsan send me ur blog to my office mail, Regards 80/20 Rules What u WANT and NEED's IN YOUR LIFE. He told me that... U"ve got 80% wat u need in ur life. BUt dnt regret or being greedy for the less 20% that u didnt get, whn u have 80% need of life.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Dear Kadija,

I am impressed you could still remember what he had shared with you. It proves Love has the power to remember.

Kadija said...

When It comes 2 love, Thr nothing to be forgotten!!! Its full wif unforgettable Memories.

DengDeng said...

If you want ask for more, look for PEPSI. ;)


Robert Foo said...

Hi Deng Deng..

Btw what is PEPSI?

DengDeng said...

PEPSI, the competitor of Coca-Cola.

Ask for more is the slogan of PEPSI drink. ;)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Deng Deng,

Had not been drinking PEPSI or Coca-Cola for a long long time. Thank you for telling me this slogan.