Monday, November 30, 2009

We have to teach our young to be creative.

Last week wasn't a pleasant one. Emotionally i went out off track, and while trying to regain my composure and the confidence to write again, i drove down all the way to Singapore. In fact i hadn't seen my son and his family for quite awhile. It would be nice to meet my three little brothers again, i mean my three grand children. All of them call me by 'Kor Kor'', meaning in Chinese is big brother. I knew they would love to see me for sure.

It was school holiday there, and i had the opportunity to take these little boys out. We walked in the parks, we yelled aloud as we like, and had food together. I brought along this special t-shirt printed as; "Still Young & Crazy After All These Years."

As usual kids are kids, they are always be attracted to toys and games, especially when they saw the children departmental stores at those shopping malls. The children would be eyeing on those expensive toys and their mother would be saying 'No' to them.

I told my little brothers. Though i might not buy any toy for you, i would create and make some for you. We were given many promotional pamphlets while window shopping at the malls. From those unused quality papers, i turned them into paper aeroplane of all shapes and kind. They were excited because these planes could fly if they were thrown into the open. They were playing with self made toys rather than buying the real one. Yes! Modern kids are intelligence but not smart to create their own playing things. Perhaps the new world has gone too advance when children need not have to think like the yesterday world of ours. I was glad my grand children had the chance to think while learning the art of paper making of aeroplane with me.

This short trip was benefiting, when i could recharge and rejuvenate myself once more. At the same time allowing me to teach my little brothers to utilize their mind in the creative way rather than by logical senses. Our left mind is logical, whereas the right has all the creativeness. They are intelligent children but i am sure they would be smart as well in the long run.

While ending my story here, its timely Panja the wisdom friend sent me a powerful proverb. He wrote; "The contented man who possesses nothing owns the world."

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