Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am a preacher of life insurance.

Selling tips...

Eric was only two when his father bought him an educational plan through me. This month Eric will be turning 21, standing at six feet three inches, when his plan is maturing. I instructed our company to handover the maturing cheque to me, so that i could personally deliver to the family.

I purposely called Eric's mother towards the evening when the entire family would be back home. Edison, the father is currently working in Jakarta won't be there. Two younger sisters, Eric and the mother were all in the house when i dropped by. The mother was extremely happy to see me because she knew i was bringing a big fat payment for them.

This was my exact words for the family. "Is too happy and joyful for me to come today. I had waited for today because eighteen years ago i promised your dad, no matter what happened, i would be the guardian to Eric. As long as Edison is around, i would encourage him to save for the purpose of the educational planning for his son. The journey of these 18 years was not easy. There were the up and down parts of life, when the father found it difficult to continue to pay for the premium. Together with both parents, we made good the differences and they managed to complete the full eighteen years program. I am glad all of us are still alive, and being i am the servicing agent, i am too proud to hand the educational fund for Eric to continue his degree. Eric, it was not easy for your dad to walk these 18 years of life. He had been working very hard because he loves the entire family. He wants to give the best to you, especially you are his only son. I sincerely hope, you would appreciate your dad's effort by making sure you would do well in your studies. Your dad had saved 18 years for you with this plan willingly. Your parents would be proud of you, if you could also save like them when you are working next time after completing your education. Would you Eric?"

Eric was brave to approach me with a firm handshake, acknowledged with a positive yes. The mother was smiling and the sisters were listening. Two days later, Edison called on the telephone to thank me for my fatherly advices and encouragement to his growing son. He said i am not only an agent but rather as a good friend and now as more like a member of the family. He believes God has sent me as an angel to enlighten the family. Yes! Life insurance agent is like an angel if they could sell and preach insurance like a religion.

Food for thought - “A preacher must be both soldier and shepherd. He must nourish, defend, and teach; he must have teeth in his mouth, and be able to bite and fight.” - Martin Luther quotes.


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