Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too much or no sex is also a problem.

Are you in love? Good! I hope you won't fall into such unpleasant occurrences like these following two couples.

FS and WI were madly in love. FS is a simple and unambitious man, whereas WI is loving and a passionate lady. To FS sex is his top priority, and WI being her partner obliged willingly at the beginning of their romance. However FS with little understanding of love, did not spend enough time to care and provide the affection for her. He didn't know she wanted more of his attention, a bit of his financial support, and to have more time to accompany her. What FS did was a good sex maker for the lady only. Everything has a limit, including too much of sex. WI wasn't happy and FS didn't even know. Out of frustration, WI disappeared from FS recently. I think the man had lost a loving woman.

Next! RT and CP were equally crazy for each other. RT is a caring and responsible man, whereas CP is a ambition and sociable lady. RT with his understanding, provided and gave the best to CP. He tried in every way to make his woman happy. His time and attention was always ever ready for her. However CP with her ambitious dreams was constantly needed by many. She is a lady who likes to please and oblige those she encounter. With her tight schedules and appointments, she had forgotten to spend time to make love with RT. She did not even know the man was unhappy and unsatisfied, because everything has a limit. Including no sex! Out of frustration, RT locked his mobile phone and disappeared too. I think the woman had lost a caring man.

For those who are still in love, please don't take love for granted. Understand the behaviour of man and woman. "Man has only One important need, whereas woman has Ninety Nine". To love your man, please fulfill his urgent need first and he would be too happy to provide your ninety nine other needs. To love your woman, don't forget what she likes best and in turn she would give what you like most. Unless you could accept these as facts of life, falling in love and holding it there won't be easy for sure.

Ninety-Nine Quotes - "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration" - Thomas A. Edison

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