Monday, November 09, 2009

For whatever happened, there must be a reason!!!

The recent sudden death of my good friend, Ihsan has been a sorrow for everyone. His mum and sister are mourning for his soul. They cried to asked, "Whose fault? God or me, the mother? He is such a good, intelligent, God fearful and kind hearted son, and yet has to die at this young age of 22!!!"

His girlfriend who loves him so much yearned speechlessly. She only cried with this word, "Why?"

One of his friend, Renuka commented, "My two close friends are his cousins...we were having so much fun on that day doing assignments. that night i received a call from her about the incident.. i still could not believe why all this are happening..his mother and Sharifah are left alone.How the mother going to raise the kid?Life is so unpredictable..."

Deng Deng commented, "We dunno what is right and what is wrong until our last breath.....~"

Wan said, "I feel sorry that you have lost a friend, who is much like a son to you.It is God's Will to take him away, and I do believe that it is also God's Will to make you such a wonderful friend to others.Please send my condolences to your grieving friends."

I hadn't been sleeping well this past week too. I had been searching for the truth of what had actually happened. I always believe "For whatever happened, there must be a reason." I just could not accept the fact of fate or God's will.

This unexpected death of Ihsan taught me some facts of life. To live in this world, one has to gain the three important thoughts of life. We need the Spiritual guidance, The Power of Knowledge and Wisdom of Life.

The spiritual path gives us the inner peace and strength. God has been kind to man. He has created the world, making us the most intelligence of all creatures on earth. Animals cannot think like us. Human being has the brain to think. Today man has discovered and invented things beyond our imagination of Adam's days.We definitely have the power to gain knowledge and to experience the understanding 0f life comprehensively. For HIS gift of life, we just have to pray to HIM whole heartily and unconditionally without any expectation.

With the blessing from HIM, we seek our lives path by way of learning. The more knowledge we have, the stronger we grow. Ihsan was an intelligent boy who could do so much within a short period of time. Ever since his father passed away from a heart attack three years ago, he had to take over his family business. Not forgotten he was only nineteen then. He had to be a father to the family as well, because his mother was a typical illiterate housewife and a very young sister of four at home. With the encouragement from me, he continued to study for his degree. He still had time to write five blogs online. Prior to his death, he was also learning to fly with a private flying club. His credential proves he had intelligent knowledge.

Personally i believe acquiring knowledge alone is insufficient to walk on this unpredictable life as what Renuka had commented. Knowledge makes one smarter, and more knowledge gives you power too. Sometime more power makes one abusive, arrogance and self seeking. Unless one has the understanding of life, with too much of knowledge, one might turn to be careless and irresponsible. The understanding of life is the Wisdom of knowledge.Yes! Ihsan was a God fearing person who abides with all spiritual teaching. He was intelligence and smart, who was prepared to seek for knowledge. However he lacked the wisdom of life because he was not wise enough to decide what was right and wrong for that moment of time when he decided to fly. Wisdom of life could only be gathered when one has gone further into life or older in age. Ihsan was only 22, and he could not justify the risk involved when he took up flying. Should his father be still around, things would be much different. I am sure, his dad would not fund his flying lessons and would not let him fly being that he was the only son in the family.

When Ihsan took up flying, he managed to out talk his mum to allow him to take up this hobby and dream. He also pressed her to promise not to tell two persons about his flying. These two friends are Kabeer and Robert Foo. He was smart but not wise.

Conclusion; Ihsan had the spiritual and knowledge thought. The wisdom thought wasn't there to save him.Is definitely not God wishes because God is always kind. Is the human errors and mistakes that to be blamed.

How i wish i was there for Ihsan - "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed" ~Napoleon Hill


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

Whatever happened, There must be a reason!!!. From the beginning when Allah created us, He had already planned everything for us.

Our Prophet Doa "Give me life what is good for me and Give me death when it become good for me".

Felt so regretful for not stoping him to continue his private piloting, but all he wanted me to say is "Ihsan U can do it"

God Loved him more

- Spiritual guidance
- The Power of Knowledge and
- Wisdom of Life

this is realli true. Robert u've reali tought a very important life Knowledge. Its easy to go thru wif spiritual guidance,, getting power of knowledge but not easy to get the wisdom of life,

WHen there is a person like you to show whats life are exactly, there wont be another life mistakes.

My whole heartedly i'm realli wishing to take care his mom and his sis.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear...

I could feel your pain and sorrow. You are still very young. Be strong and move on with your life. Please stay in touch with his mum and sis. I am sure they would understand. Thank you for reading my blog constantly.

DengDeng said...

Mistake was made due to the wrong decision. We alway have two choices. These choices only can become one decision. Everyone will make the life mistakes. With wisdom of life, we may only minimize our life mistakes.

No one can blame Ihsan (including himself). He is brave. He is daring to dream and converting his dream to reality. He only make a wrong choice in the accident. It might be his thinking was not calibrate with his actions. He might thought that he managed to control the fly but the fly was un-controlled.

For whatever happened, there must be a reason. Yes. Who know the correct reason? GOD only. We only know when it is our last breath. But it might be too late for us to know the answer.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Deng Deng...

Is great to know you here. I do believe you have strong wisdom of life too. I hope Ihsan's girlfriend would read your comment. Thanks once again for reading my blog.

Kadija said...

Dear Deng Deng/Robert

True.. Ihsan was such a determination guy, Dared to do anyhing with the hope that he can do it NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, Brave to face anything, with the hope he knowz he can solve it. He uses to tell me "kadija i dont wish to be Entrepreneur, im gonna be a Solopreneur"

But this time, Evrything was un-controled, Evry human make mistakes it may by knowing its a mistake or may not knowing it weather its a mistake or not. God had a reason behind what had happen, GOd took his DAD, becoz he Knowz his son IHSAN can take care after his family, Now god had taken IHSAN, Surely there will be reason. IHSAN didnt noe weather it was a mistake or not.. but he had the determination he can do it.

IHSAN Acheived to learn FLYING to get his PPL within a year, Wic is not so easy for everyone. HE was Intelligent enough, He told me He will get married only Whn he completes his PPL with the name PILOT MOHAMED IHSAN, He did it, but his is not here, only his name and his love. U r he best IHSAN. Never Ending Loves, ITs a life time promise and i'm forever urs my sweetheart.

He had give the opputunity to take care of his family, InshaAllah ill try to.

Whatever happens there must be a reason.......

Robert Foo said...

Hi Kadija...

So sweet of you to declare your love for Ihsan. He was lucky to have you as his sweetheart too. He spoke so much about you to me. He equally loved you as well.