Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am deprived of my most important need!!!

Leelee is married to Sani for more than twenty two years ago. I saw them getting married. The wife is 63 now and the husband is 52. They were happily married until recently when Leelee called to share her sorrow with me. She was crying furiously, saying the man has abandoned her and their 17 years old daughter at home for another younger lady.

When Leelee got marry to Sani years back, both were only the working class. Staying in a lower middle range home, both were happy and loving. About five years ago, Sani made a big turn in life when he became rich and famous. They moved over to a high class villa and driving the best expensive cars available.

Rightfully this couple should be contented and satisfied with the man's fortune. Out of her frustration and sadness, she said her husband was accusing her to be torturing him for these many years. The word 'Torturing' depicts many meanings. For the many who had seen and heard her, they might be thinking torturing could mean as depriving the husband to spend, or abusing physically, or controlling his freedom. However i think, this torturing could be more serious and heavier than what written.

With Sani's progress and achievement, i am sure he has to be a healthy intelligent person. A man of such high calibre and aggressiveness would definitely need romance & sex. Looking at the different of eleven years between them, i am puzzled and doubtful the woman of the house could provide the necessary adjustment for this hungry sexual man. Not forgetting he is wealthy and healthy at the moment. The flame of his success could also have changed his character and behaviour. Money is always the root of all evils. His expectation and want in life has gone up. His sexual needs has also lifted up. Leelee didn't torture Sani physically. He was turtured by depriving his most important need as a man.

This spiritual saying is true... "Man has one important need. Woman has Ninety Nine."

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