Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am a half doctor to my client.

Wong CT is a sixty seven years old, typical Chinese businessman who owns an engineering plant. He is a workaholic who refused to slow down in his work. A hot temper person, stubborn and has very high self esteem. Recently i realised he doesn't look too healthy to me. I am sure he was stressful due to his over loaded projects in hand. His two eyes had swollen and i could see he was wiping his tears all the time. His assistant told me he was complaining about pain on his chest. Non of his staffs, friends and family could darn to advise him to see a doctor.

Though i am his attending life insurance agent, i have been his closed friend for many years. As a half doctor on my work, i took up the courage to frighten Wong to seek medical attention immediately. I told directly on his face, "Yes! you might be a big boss to everyone here. You might be rich and powerful, when nobody is brave to raise their voice on you. Not even your wife and only son could overrule you. As i am your best friend i have to tell you...You are sick at the moment and need to see a doctor sooner."

Wong was a little upset at the beginning but i managed to console and convince him to see a specialist for a thorough medical check up, one he hadn't been before. I had fixed the coming Friday, when i would be taking him to the SJ Medical Centre. No way would him missing or avoiding this consultation because i am a half doctor to all my clients. I consider this assistance and help is part of selling life insurance. Unless you truly love this career, you would not walk the extra miles for it.

Do you know - "There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem" - Harold Stephens quotes

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