Thursday, January 21, 2010

Romance gains positive energy

It almost midnight but the thought of writing this topic is irresistible. Is romance.

This afternoon over at my friend office, Zakiah was curious where i got my enthusiasm and energy everyday. I never failed to motivate and inspire their staffs when i am at their office. I told her i romance with love everyday. My romance comes in text and words from the people i love, especially the special one. Zakiah was puzzled with my explanation! I unlocked my sms from my mobile phone and showed her my latest message which was sent by my little darling. She said, "Beautiful morning sweetheart, peace be with you and i love you so so soooooo much." That message excited my mind. It spurred me to move with joy and happiness for the rest of the day.

With some persuasion, i encouraged Zakiah to text a love message to her husband. Reluctant at first but finally she sent this message to her man. It was a simple sentence, "I miss you lah."

For the first fifteen minutes when there was no response from him, the lady was a bit upset and tense. She thought the husband wasn't attracted to such uncommon words. Twenty minutes later, her phone sounded. I could see her face was excited with emotion. I knew it was from him. While she was reading the message, she was smiling with joy and satisfaction. She was proud to show the message to me. He said, "Darling thank you for sending this. I love you too."

See! This is what i called romance with love. By applying positive and loving words, it creates an energy force which could inspire and motivate. The cost is almost free but sincere effort has to be applied. I hope Zakiah would continue to romance her love on a daily basis.

Food for thought -
"Knowledge is not the same as wisdom."
"Yeah, what's the difference?"
"You know how to clean a windshield, right?"
"Wisdom is doing it." -- Peaceful Warrior


zairi shaz said...

darling thank u for sharing this..hehehe:)

Robert Foo said...

Hi darling Zairi,

You too! Don't forget to romance with your darling at home. Otherwise someone might take him away. Thank you for reading my blog.