Monday, January 04, 2010

My Resolution - be braver, naughtier, wilder, crazier, sweeter, lovable & likable.

A Young man verses another younger man..................................

On the first day of 2010, there was a young dynamic man posted on Face Book inviting me to be his friend. His name is Teh Cheng Hock. His face looks familiar. With his message below, I remember him. He was my son's classmate in St John, a kid i hadn't seen for almost 25 years or more. Immediately i replied him with joy and excitement, making sure i have to think young and dynamic like them too. I have my new year resolution; to be more braver, naughtier, wilder, crazier, healthier, sweeter, lovable and likable, and more positive minded. I had celebrated my birthday recently, turning 35 from 36 last year and still growing up. Words are not enough, action has to come first. The Face Book allows me to put my thought in action for the rest to witness. Read on please....

Teh Cheng Hock 01 January 2010
Teh says, "Hi uncle robert, how have you been? I was in Shanghai recently and met up with Alvin and Fionne and saw Arianne. She's adorable. Alvin seems to be doing well and is happy now.

How are you doing? Would love to catch up with you and auntie one day yum cha or something.".

Robert Foo 01 January at 22:21
Hi young man, I almost forgotten your face because u have grown so handsome and more mature in look. I think all ladies wld fall for you. Calling me uncle is sad for me. Those ladies who called me by "uncle" will be talking and distancing few feet away from me. Those who address me by "dear", wld be two arms away, calling me "darling" wld be one arm away..i love being called "sweetheart"..coz they wld be almost in my arm.

I am the father & grand father to three sons and six grand children. But my heart age last year was 36, i just turned 35 today. If you are not careful young man, i am afraid u are currently older than me. Right?

Wld be glad to meet up with you to have some fun. Pls call me when u are around this part of planet earth...KL.

Teh CH 02 January 2010
Wah uncle Robert (I dare NOT call you Robert as yet....coz you are still my brother's father)....
You sound like you are having the best times of your life with all the "ladies" experiences as you have described. Maybe you can share more when we catch up huh...

I am based in JB but wife/children are all in KL, so in that sense I am a weekend husband. We should catch up, perhaps during Chinese New Year week. Will you be in town? What is your contact number?

Robert Foo 02 Jan
Young man..Do u know growing old is mandatory, whereas growing up is optional? I chose to growing up. Growing old seems to be dull and unchallenged. Growing up has the world in front of me. To grow up, one has to be brave and courageous. You called me uncle when you were a little kid, but we are at par now. I believe we are only three years apart from our heart age. Please call me Robert, and you will make me happier. For your infor, Alvin's elder son addresses me Kor Kor whenever he sees me. Kor Kor is elder brother.

When you are around here, i would introduce you all my dears, honeys, darlings and sweetheart. Don't forget you have to be brave and courageous to meet them, they like seeing young man. I hope you are!!!

JB is a nice place to work. Near to Spore and not too far home. When you want fun, remain in JB and when you are lonesome, KL is where your family is. Life has plenty of distraction, with your success and handsome personality from the photos posted, i guess isn't easy for you to hold your breath at time. If you want to learn a little about wisdom of life, please feel free to tap into my blog for some enlightenment... . I assure you, you would laugh and understand life better.

I am so glad to reach up with you again. I believe for whatever happened, there ought to be a reason. I am sure is of good reason. You could email me.. or call my mobile phone 012 2113468. Looking forward to see this great young man soon.

Note: No reply from him yet. Wondering what his feeling is like! Will keep you readers inform if he dare to.

I certainly agree to Oscar Wilde said "To love oneself is the beginning of life-long romance."


Anonymous said...

can i add u in facebook? I enjoy reading your blog :) Wjat is your ID in facebook?

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous,

U can reach me with my email address, on facebook.

I hope not only you enjoy reading my blog, but making you laugh as well. Thank you for coming by.

Anonymous said...

you're cute ;)

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous 9 Jan,

May i know you?

Anonymous said...

I'm Vicky :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Vicky,

Is a long time i see you here. Too happy to see you around. I hope u enjoy reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoy reading your blog :)


Alvin Foo said...

Of course he is not responding, either he is freaking out or trying to compose an email to respond to your challenge. Most probably is the 1st one. I hope his wife isnt savvy enough to discover this blog otherwise Cheng Hock will be chained to his home FOREVER.

Well done dad, you should give my brother cheng hock some lesson of life as he has been living in a shell for quite a while. Definitely not the old cheng hock that i used to know. But i must say he is a great dad/hubby and has a great family blessed with 2 lovely kids. Something that i must learn from him.


Robert Foo said...

Hi son,

As i think deeper into the past, i remember Cheng Hock wasn't from St John but rather he was from VI. A brillant student whom you got along very well from the Yamaha Music. Finally ended as a qualified Accountant. I believe he is more intelligence than being smart. Whereas you are not as intelligence as him yet, you are smart. Perhaps it's good time both of you to work together now, applying his intelligence and yours the smartness. Both qualities could conquer the world. Think about it son.

Cheng Hock said...


Robert and Alvin, both ganging up against me,....hahaha...but its all great fun.

Robert, (brother)...u r so funny. but poignancy crept to hang out wth reveal everything leh.

Alvin, my wife is reading this blog too.

Robert, u r right. Alvin has more street smartness than me altho both of us hang out so much in the streets of CHow Kit during our younger days. We did a lot of naughty things but Alvin went on to do nottier things. More amazingly, It looks like father is now trying to catch up with son....
Alvin, maybe we should find some way to work on something as your father (i mean your brother Robert) suggested.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Cheng Hock,

I am too glad you finally appeared again. You disappeared 25 years ago from our home and certainly i would not allow it to happen anymore. There must be a reason for you to be here with us together now...I believe it must be for a good reason. More so you are Alvin best friend.

Ahah!! Your wife is also reading this blog. Very good. I am sure she would know me better now. Remember...Naughty man is fun man.

Will be leaving for Shanghai during the Chinese New Year to see whether Alvin is behaving. Otherwise have to bring along my rottan along just in case.

Would be home on the 19th Feb. Please feel free to drop by with your family. Don't worry, your wife would feel very comfortable with me. I always have special touch on ladies. See you.

Anonymous said...

nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Alvin Foo said...

hi anonymous,

Thank you for reading my blog. See u there.

Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Norman