Friday, January 15, 2010

Love Romance & Sex.

One of my lady business partner is going to share one of my favorite topic on a platform today. The subject is "How Love Romance & Sex can make you a better person?" Is a scary topic but most people like to listen. Outwardly they pretend to be innocent but inwardly they crave for more. This lady is equally afraid and shy to talk on it. However with some persuasion she finally agreed to do it, because she had heard me spoken many times on other occasion.

This was what i told her. There are two types of people who want to do well in life. The first are those who have to work hard and be responsible. They need the external energy to motivate them to work. They have to create dreams and goals to excite them. They need the physical world or earthly possession to encourage them to move. Without the dollars and cents, they might find it difficult to stride. On a long term basis, they might run out of external energy and motivation.

The second type of people depend on inner energy and determination to work hard. The inner strength comes from love through his or her heart. Love always has magic. In order to have this love magic remains forever in one soul, one has to seek another soul to romance. True romance creates happiness and excitement in a couple. The happiness makes the couple to be better person. The happiness provides energy and determination for them to work even harder willingly. Sex is to bond the couple beautifully for life.

Everyone has a choice to walk this journey of life. Either you depend on the external force of attraction or rely on your self determination by love. My partner and myself opt to pick Love Romance & Sex because the journey is more pleasant and lasting.

Food for the heart - "Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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