Monday, October 25, 2010

Are you a hot tempered person?

I was asked this question? How to deal with a hot tempered person? Though i am not a physiologist, i have much interest to observe and study people's behaviour, especially while selling life insurance.

To handle those children who are hot temper, i strongly recommend these three Golden Rules. They are Threat, Rewards and Love. I suggest to begin first on applying "love and rewards" to children who misbehaviour and always like throwing temper whenever they are angry. If the above two rules do not work, then you have to use "threat and fear" to suppress their violent and stubbornness. Be flexible and tolerance in these applications but at the same time, you have to be firm and serious in parenting these tough and emotional kids. With patience and concern, i am sure how hot temper a child is, the Golden Rules would definitely help.

However these Golden Rules do not apply on adults, whether is a man or a woman. From my working experiences, a hot tempered adult is usually a highly sex person. Their graft for love and sex is always greater than most normal person. Unless their desire is fully gratified and satisfied, their emotion is always imbalanced. In the Chinese version is called as imbalanced of the Yin & Yang.

The ancient Chinese subscribe to a concept called Yin Yang which is a belief that there exist two complementary forces in the universe. One is Yang which represents everything positive or masculine and the other is Yin which is characterized as negative or feminine. One is not better than the other. Instead they are both necessary and a balance of both is highly desirable.

This thinking is different from the duality of most religion where one state overcomes the other e.g. good over evil. In the concept of Yin Yang, too much of either one is bad. The ideal is a balance of both. The hot Saharan desert for example is an example of extreme Yang while the bitter cold Antarctica is extreme Yin. Neither is desirable.

Looks like the only way for a hot tempered person to be softened, he or she has to meet another compatible partner to satisfy their heavy appetite for love making. A fearful tiger could be tamed by a daring tigress and a hungry tigress could also be seduced by a wild tiger. So the next time you see a hot tempered person, you know he or she isn't sexually satisfied. Avoid them if you could, or if he or she is your partner, high time you should improve and show your prowess on bed. Otherwise he/she would always be an unhappy and angry person.

My strong belief -
"A sexually satisfied person is a happy person. People take pride in having a good, healthy sex life."


Anonymous said...

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Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Welcome to the Blogging World. Feel free to write & share your thought here. No ideas are ideas, unless they are shared and known.

You sounded like a young man to me, one perhaps as naughty as this elder brother from afar. Looking forward to see you more often. Would certainly be more happier, if you could allow us to know your great name.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad i ran across this website.Added to my bookmark!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous 20 Dec,

Thank you for reading my blog.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Annapurna,

You are right.. A bad tempered person is sexually dissatisfied person. I think you are one.