Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What happen if u strike the millions jackpot?

What happen if you strike rich overnight?

Few days back in our local news, a businessman and his wife did not sleep a wink on Tuesday night. You wouldn't too, if you found out that you had won RM47.82 million. The winner, in his 50s, learnt of his win from the lottery website hours after the draw. Disbelievingly, he got his wife to repeatedly verify that he actually had the winning numbers before they were satisfied beyond doubt. The overjoyed couple said they stayed awake the whole night in anticipation of claiming the price money.

So! They would bring home this money soon. What happen then? Of course their entire lifestyle would be changed. What about their character and personality? Would they be as humble and kind as when they were poor? Would they be boastful and arrogance when wealth is in their hand. Sometime i really ponder! No money could be sad and too much money is scary.

The paper said this couple will donate part of the jackpot to charity as they could not use all the money on their own. They said the money would definitely benefit many people around them, especially their siblings who were not financially stable. They have also decided to help other people who are "in desperate need of financial assistance."

Sounds great to see this charitable couple who seems to have a rich heart as well. Whether is true has to be seen because their jackpot hasn't been released to them yet.

Food for thought - "Charity is a virtue of the heart, and not of the hands" - Author: Joseph Addison

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