Monday, October 04, 2010

Parent's Favorite Poster.

The above poster was copied and pasted from my son, Alvin's blog, under his recent title, Parent's Favorite Poster.

Sounded brilliant he said. Yes! Might be brilliant to you son but all my three children when they were teenagers were never tired of being harassed by the Stupid Parents. Mum was nagging and dad was using the cane, those naughty sons were still happy staying with us. Alvin being the eldest taught the younger brothers to play tricks with us. When the parents were on holidays, you stole my car and went wild with your girlfriends. Don't forget, you were still under age then. Though you guys were mischievous and playful, dad could be upset but it was really joy and nice to have you all around us. Never was in my mind, that i wanted to throw you away or insisted that you had to move out in our warm house. I love Alvin who is intelligent and smart, Baldwin is caring and obedient, and Caldwin is loving and cute. I named all my son with A, B and C , thinking i could end at Z, but by the time i reached C, you guys really made me worried. Because raising sons were never easy.

Alah! Time flew so fast. By the time, i thought i could relax and spend more time with my grown up children, two are taken away from me by two aggressive women. These ladies have more influences and authorities than me now because they happened to be their loved wives. Alvin & Baldwin have moved out from my home not harassed by the parents. But rather by two attractive wives of them. What a joke!!! Am i happy now? Yes! Now i don't have to be responsible to them anymore. I have to thanks Fionne and Chee Ying, their wives to replace my fatherly roles. Ah! Forgotten that i still have Caldwin who is unmarried yet, who is staying with me currently. Wondering when is his turn to be harassed by another woman to move out from us!!!

Specially for my sons - "In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings." - Ann Landers


Alvin Foo said...

Hi dad,

Thanks for the insightful posting. I certainly had given you a hard time, i guess i spent most times harassing both you and mum instead of the reverse. You guys have been great parents giving us the best you can and providing us the tender loving care though sometimes the care and love may come in different forms ie, nagging and a "Cane." Which ever the form may be, I know its real love and I m grateful of the years that both you and mum didnt go cuckoo being harassed by all of us. hehe...

Life being a son to you and mum is definitely much fun that being harassed by woman that we hand picked ourselves. Sometimes leaving our destiny to almighty is not so bad afterall. We never had a choice to choose our parents but at the end of the day, it seems the perfect choice. We all love you though we are far away and dont see each other as often. Dad, I promise you that this will change soon. There is no place like home!

Robert Foo said...

Hi son,

Thank you for telling the truth & allowing my readers to know how good parents and children our family has. Right? See you soon at home...the place where you learned to be naughty.