Thursday, October 07, 2010

Smallest muscle in the human body.

I always like starting the day with fun and humour. The best way is to disturb and reach up to friends around. I sent out this message to some selected friends. I wrote, "Testing your general knowledge this morning. What is the smallest muscle in the human body? Correct answer buy u a coffee or a kiss would be given."

Shortly came the first sms written, "Cock...Hehe!!"

I told him, "U have a dirty head. This muscle is even smaller than your little brother."

Came an unintelligent answer, "Face?" Face isn't the smallest muscle lah. She gave up quite easily. "Then you tell me and i need to buy u coffee then." See! i had earned a free round of coffee when i next meet this person.

Another naughty reply, "Should be our most sensible part la, ie little pussy and the big gun!" I reminded this person, this muscle is even smaller than pussy or dicky. Continuation, "Why i said that, it is because that's the most dangerous parts & it gives wheck! wheck! oh! oh! yee! yee!"

I told them all i will write the answer on my blog today. Each of them have to buy me a coffee or the ladies have to give me a tight hug plus a kiss on my lip. Well! That's interesting isn't it?

The human body has about 650 muscles—we say “about” because there is some disagreement as to which muscles are separate and that results in different muscle totals.

Although the experts don’t agree on how many muscles there are in the human body, they do agree that the smallest muscle is the stapedius. Located in the middle ear, the stapedius is a mere 1.27 millimetres long. And what does such a minuscule muscle do? It controls the tiniest bone in the body, the stapes or stirrup bone. The stapes and two other bones conduct sound vibrations through the middle ear.

So! Stapedius is the smallest muscle. The next smallest muscle with the most strength and force is the tongue. You know why? One little touch on the right G-spot, it could lift both legs of either a man or a woman. And when both different tongue touches each other, it creates sensation beyond your imagination. Stapedious could be considered smallest but it would not have the greatness of the tongue. Don't believe, please try it yourself.

How true - "All parts of the human body get tired eventually - except the tongue" - Konrad Adenauer.

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