Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Power of Forgiving.....

I am a fate healer while selling life insurance....

Today i had a chance to visit Hari who had just moved office. Upon seeing him, i could sense he wasn't a happy man. His eyes were sunken with black ring around, his mouth had bad breath and his body odour was heavy. Hari has been my client for twenty five years and definitely i could see the worries and unpleasantness in his face.

I put aside my sales and offered my patient ears to listen his story. According to him, he was cheated by his business partner whom he had trusted so much. Hari is much older than his younger partner whom he had groomed for the past five years. Lately through reliable sources, he found out that his half partner had siphoned countless projects to his outside interests and had unofficially taken fund out from their bank account. His trust was betrayed and it hurts his sincere heart. Though he knew all about his partner's wrong doings, he could not legally take action against him nor could he be able to recover those losses. Sadly he had been suffering in silence for the past couple of months.

Timely i came as a fate healer. Hari was too eager to seek my advices in order to rescue his unsolved problems. I told him..."A happy heart would see a beautiful world." As his heart is so sad and angry, the world looks ugly and uninteresting to him now. The fastest way to recoup is to inject immediate happiness to his injured heart. Since he could not be compensated and to recover his lost, be wise then....take this mistake as his learning experiences and challenges in life. There is this wisdom phrase which says, "Mistakes are our teachers." Lastly to apply this powerful proverb, "Forgive and Forget." The greatness of all successful people has the ability to forgive and to forget because by willingly to apply these two Fs, one will be able to feel happier and lighter in heart. Otherwise your mind would be loaded with anger and hatred, which might lead you to more frustration and tension.

Hari has two choices, one to remain angry and have an unhappy heart or be forgiving and have a lighter heart. Before i left, Hari shook my hand firmly and promised he would take my advices. I could see his eyes were lighted up with hopes already. And i was glad being his life insurance agent could fate heal him too.

This cannot be wrong -
"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you" ~ Lewis B. Smedes

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