Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are you proud to be a salesperson?

Am I proud to be a salesperson? Yes! Affirmative! I have been selling for almost 43 years and still enjoy every moment of it. I introduce myself as a life insurance agent or insurance salesman. Whereas all my fellow colleagues in my industry have big names, carrying titles like Consultant, Financial Planner, Agency Manager, District Director and the latest as Wealth Planner. The bottom line is, all of us have to sell our products.

Immaterial what products one is selling and marketing, you are selling yourself to make another person agrees with your thoughts. I have a friend who is selling a range of health food products, but he never likes to be called a salesperson. He insisted to be addressed as Net Worth Marketing Consultant. Unconsciously he reveals his low confidence and esteem in being a salesperson. Can't blame him because most people dislike salesmen rather than other professions. Perhaps he doesn't realise that everyone has to sell one way or another in our daily lives. As parents we have to sell our guidance to our children, as teachers they have to sell their teaching to their students and the boss has to sell himself to his employees for a better understanding.

Selling is to communicate effectively. Unless one is proud to admit himself as a salesperson, he might find it difficult to earn the respect from his clients and the surrounding. A skillful salesperson helps the buyers to understand their needs and wants. You might carry a super title in your name card but without the skill of selling, the title won't assist you to close the needed sales. Yes! I am glad that i am only a salesman, one that could sell almost anything on earth.

For all my fellow colleagues
- "Salesmanship, too, is an art; the perfection of its technique requires study and practice" - James Cash Penney


DengDeng said...

That is why chicken's egg is more expensive than other's egg....~~

Robert Foo said...

Hi DengDeng,

Tat's interesting! May you share the story behind this statement with all of us. Thank you.

dmystify said...

You are more than a salesman to me Robert. We've known each other for more than 20 years since the first time you successfully sold me my first Insurance policy. Your timely visit today was very meaningful especially in this challenging moments. It sure makes me look at things in a brighter perspective.
Thanks again ol' friend for your ever generous words of wisdom.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Asri,

For anything that happened, there ought to have a reason. Think of it as a good reason.

I am equally lucky to have met you along my life path. Thank you for trusting me.

Had just written the next posting for tonite...Power of forgiving. Please read. Might help you further my great friend.

DengDeng said...


The answer is from your statement.
Salesperson is selling himself.

After the chicken lay the eggs, it will "kok kok kok" and telling people that it already lay the eggs.


Robert Foo said...

Hi DengDeng,

Wonderful...i would "kok kok kok" to sell more of myself, especially to women.