Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Do u want your children to be kite or turtle?

This morning a special lady forwarded this question to me; "Do you want your children to be the kite or turtle?" I was a bit puzzled why she asked! Nevertheless i replied her with what was in my mind then.

In simplicity i wrote...."I want my children to fly free & high as like a kite and be slow & steady as turtle." She didn't come back to me and i am wondering whether she understood my statement.

When my children were little boys, i always like them to aim high in life. Though i gave them freedom and let them be free to do whatever they like to aspire, as parent i was controlling them in a certain way. A good kite can fly very high in height when the wind is strong but the kite flier has to be skillful to control its flight. Otherwise without proper control and management, the kite can be blown away from the fearful wind and storm.

Today all my children are grown up adults when they are no longer under my care. They could be intelligent and smart but many a time, i believe they are still making mistakes out of life. Perhaps now, i prefer them to be like the turtle who is always considered as slow but steady. Not forgetting the story of the "rabbit & turtle's" race when the slow and steady turtle eventually won the race against a fast moving rabbit. The rabbit could be intelligence and prideful but it was the patience and persistence turtle that out smart the shameful rabbit.

I hope this simple illustration could enhance this lady thought. Yes! The kite and turtle are both equally important in our lives. My dear there...U owe me a lunch here. Okay?

This proverb will never be forgotten - "Slow & Steady wins the race."

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