Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is the meaning of life?

A good friend, Maram was trying to test me with this unique question; "What is the meaning of life?" Sounds simple and yet very philosophical in thought. He wanted me to write with smiles and giggles all round. Let me try young man...

When i was a little boy, all i wanted in life was to do well in studies, be obedient to my parents, helping my dad's coffee shop, catching the right spider to win all the times, making the strongest kite and be the champion of tops playing.

Ooop! Time passed so rapidly. In my teen age while still in secondary school, life was all about learning to dance the char char, rumba and the crazy 'Shake'. These dances made me popular when i got to know many girlfriends. Studies were neglected.

Reaching 21, Life was freedom when the independent key was given. Life was to seek for job. Though at that time getting employment wasn't easy, i landed myself to be a young salesperson selling office equipments. So innocent and naive, i realised the working world wasn't that easy after all. I was taught the vices of everything available. Wine, women and music were the main issues all the time. I learned to gamble too. The most favorite game among the sales people was the poker cards. This poker taught me to have a poker face and to understand others as well. Life at this stage was to make money, immaterial from any sources.

I got marry quite young. Husband at 23 and one year later i became a young father. Having a family to raise made me more serious in life. I became more responsible, more hard working and committed. Life was to see that my children had a future. I became more caring and loving. Seeing my children grew made me understand the value and hope for others.

Sixty three of my best part of life had just gone by. Any regret over it? No! Not at all because it taught me to appreciate life better. Life is a journey to me. It hasn't ended yet because my journey is getting even more interesting and exciting. What is life to me at the moment? Life is to stay healthy as long as possible and yet be able to help those around you. Money isn't that important any longer when my career became my hobby and interest. I don't need to dance to be popular among ladies because i have the wisdom to draw the attention from those lucky ladies i know today. Life is fun
and laughter. The more we have, the more cheerful and happy we are. Right Maram?

Specially for my great friend, Maram - "It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth -- and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up -- that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had" - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Just Me said...

The meaning of life can only be defined by the individual living the life. My "fullest" and your "fullest" can be complete opposites and there is no way to measure.

If I lived each day as if it were my last or only day, what is more important? Family? Adventure? The Wonders of the World? Or a yoga class? I don't think it matters which one someone may choose. No one has the right to judge my life, I have to do what makes me happy. And right now, the meaning of my life is trying to figure out what makes me happy and get to that fun and laughter.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear...

I like your last sentence...What makes me happy and get to that fun and laughter. Thank you for speaking your mind here dear.

Just Me said...

Thank you my dear Robert! And thank you for assisting in my journey to find the meaning of my life.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Just Me,

You are always a dear to me though you might be from afar.

MMQ said...

My Dear Bob,
Thank you very much for writing a topic and sharing what you see as the meaning of life. That was exactly how I used to see it too!. Sure rang a few bells to put a smile and giggles in my heart! As life's journey takes its twists and turns, so did my view of life as it traverse from one chapter to another. The objective is to be happy always. To understand the meaning of life, I needed to explore the question of the purpose of life itself. I began to think of our very existence, that everything we see and have around us is designed and made by someone, from designer fashion wears to electronics gadgets to spaceships and submarines to atom bombs etc. Then we watch the amazing underwater worlds in National Geographic HD, with unimaginable array of beautiful living things, the lives of incredible creatures in the wild etc. This thing called Earth is so incredible and yet is but only one component of the huge universe. Then it dawned on me that there must be a creator designer of all these great universe and its contents! No chance that all these came into being by chance. Certainly not!. I am fully convinced that there is one creator of all this, the whole comprehension of it is way beyond human capacities. Today we dont know so many things because the body of knowledge in this world is too huge for man to fathom all. So, to me, to understand the meaning and purpose of life, we need to go back to basics ie to understand life itself from its origins to its final destination! And it is not complex at all!. Sounds like a heavy subject or task indeed, but on the contrary it is as simple as can be!! It starts from self exploration, and then look at our surroundings. From there, the asnwers will come to you as you continue to search for the one and oly one Creator of the worlds. Common sense will tell us that there cannot be more than one, or the world/universe would be very difficult to manage as it has to be perfect in its execution!Yes nothing less than perfection! When I understand life, then perhaps I will be able to truly achieve happiness, not necessarily the happiness in the dimension that most will define today. Most of us are too busy with our daily challenges, as I was before, to be able to dwell into these "other' VERY CRITICAL QUESTIONS ON OUR LIVES. Those who do will find their real meaning and purpose of life. TQ

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear MMQ,

You wrote to well and i can't resist not to let others read your comment too. Will post for the next day. Thank you Maram.

MhM said...

Hi Robert Foo,

Nice post. I tried to answer it in a diffrent way. The question wasn't asked to me by a freind, though I menationed one of the most dear in my answer. Thought you might be intrested. The link to my anaswer is:


and say my Hi to Maram