Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A piece of paper could sell million.

Selling tips...

What can a piece of 5"x 8" blank paper be used? You might think it's worthless, except scribble a few words or notes on it. You might not believe me! I had made million sales out from this simple white paper.

Ever since forty three years ago when i started to work in the sales force, i had been carrying a piece of paper on me all the time. Before i leave the house, i make sure this 5 by 8 piece of paper be folded into half, and be kept in my shirt's pocket (all men working shirts have a small pocket on the upper left). Inside my wallet, i have another spare piece too. Parked besides this paper is my Parker Pen of twenty years old to go along with.

This paper comes very handy when with friends or anyone who need to jot a few points during a discussion. Imagine you are having a short chat with your clients and you want to show your ideas but you guys don't have any paper to spare. Perhaps you could look around or request for one but by the time you reach to have one piece, the mood and ideas might have forgotten in your mind. Hit your ideas when they are boiling hot. Right? Me! Luckily i have this paper with me all the time. I could be able to illustrate and demonstrate my views instantly across through the layout on the paper. Believe me! I had sold many plans by writing on this mere white paper. Magic it is!!!

The paper has helped me to write names and contacts while on the move. Most of my blog ideas are gathered while i am driving, and this one paper helps to keep the stories. I had given this tiny paper to Minister, CEO, Chairman right down to the ordinary men on the road before. the time when they needed something to write, they didn't have paper and mine became a valuable piece. You might have all the ipads and high tech mobiles, paper is still the best way to express your thought at that moment of time.

Something i learn -
"Success is not defined by obtaining everything you want, but by enjoying and appreciating everything you want. Learn to enjoy what you have."

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