Friday, November 19, 2010

Passion & Love in selling.

Selling tips...

If you are new in selling life insurance, selling those 'first' policies to your friends could be easy. Cash and incentives are the prime mover. They create the drive to make you sell and sell. How long would this last? Perhaps few weeks to about three years, depending on the amount of friends you have.

Next! If you intend to stay longer or to remain permanent in this challenging career, you need more than cash & incentives to make you stay. To be able to sell more than one policy to your clients, you need to have 'Passion and Love'. A repeat sale on an existing client seems easy because the client could have known you better now. On the hand if you have the chance to sell even more plans and covers to one family, you have to be serious in every way. Can you remember what had been transpired all these years with your clients and their families? Do you know what are their aspirations and dreams? Can you feel for their happiness and sorrow as they walk their lives together with you? Were you there when they fell and when they rose were you there to cheer? Most likely you know how the new insurance and benefits work, but could you still be able to remember those old plans and entitlement that you have sold to them years back? Can you remember how many times they had been admitted for being seriously sick? Do you know when the master of the house is retiring? Do you know when their children are going for their further studies, when heavy financial needs are required? When their children are turning violence or rebellious, were you there to provide counselling and advices?

See! Selling the 'first' policy is definitely easy when you know so little about the clients. To have the repeated sales, you need all the interest and desire to grow with all your clients. This is what i called the 'Passion and Love'. If you don't have them, you would never be able to stay long in this caring business...Life Insurance.

Totally agreed with this quote - “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion” - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

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