Monday, November 01, 2010

How to live a healthy & youthful life/

Madam Sin is a proud grand mother because one of her grand daughter got marry last night. I was invited to their wedding dinner where i met the entire Sin's family. Madam Sin is 80 of age. Believe me she looks attractive, blissful and sexy as well. I hadn't seen her children for many years. I was stunned to see her two daughters who were in their mid fifties looked older than the mother there. Everyone was attracted to the grand old lady who kept smiling all the way.

I have known Madam Sin since i was a little boy. When she was around the age of 5o, her husband who was a dentist then passed away. Leaving six young children, she managed to raise all of them. Her late husband had a second wife but she treated her like a sister without jealousy. In fact on the night of the wedding dinner, both these two sisters were sitting side by side. Most other wives would have chased the mistresses away. Not Madam Sin! She has the heart of gold who could understand the giving and taking. Mind you, the second wife though younger in age looks older than Sin too.

I strongly believe why this grand old lady look so much younger is because she is a contented and satisfying person. I had never seen her getting upset, even when she was poor. Her expectation in life is simple, and she doesn't demand from her family. I had never seen her scold her children when they were young, rather she encouraged and inspired them all the time. At the moment, her countless grand children and great grand children love her like a darling of the family.

Why the daughters appear to be older than the mother? Perhaps the reason is, they don't have a happy heart. As being highly educated, their expectation in life is much higher than the uneducated mum. One daughter has a broken marriage and the others are not in good relationship with their spouses. With so much of life conflicts and problems, i am sure they are stressful and unhappy in their own families. A unhappy heart sees an ugly world!

Moral of this story - To live a healthy and a youthful life stays happy.

My Seven Rules to be happy - 1. Never hate. 2. Don't worry. 3. Live simple. 4. Give a lot. 5. Always smile. 7. Have friends like Robert Foo.

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