Monday, November 22, 2010

Hugs and kisses are better than frog.

A lady friend was lost with these quotes; “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the rest of your day will be wonderful.” and “If you have to eat a frog, don’t look at it for too long.” These quotes are from Mark Twain.

She seek my enlightenment. In simple terms, they mean ...Your frog for today - looking all ugly and nasty on your plate - is the most important, most challenging, the biggest and hardest task you could possibly do. Now imagine finishing that task early in the morning, before you do anything else. Don’t think about it twice, just start working on it and don’t stop until it is finished. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day and if you keep this momentum going you will have a very productive day.

However when she applied them on her children, they didn't seem to work. The children were saying it's damn silly to eat frog in the first place. There is no frog available and why should we eat frog!!! The mother was at lost again.

Oooop I see! It didn't work ah? Try this then... If you allow me to hug you tight with a warm kiss on the lip first thing in the morning, the rest of your day will be wonderful. She understood it so well and immediately applied it every morning to all children. So why frog when kisses and hugs are free?

Do you know
- "A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance."

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