Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brainless generation....

Our present young generation is brainless and we the older generation is to be blamed.

Those days when I was young, I had to walk to school. Later when I got my first bicycle, I was brave to ride to every part of the town. There was one school term, with some friends, we cycled all the way to the south right up to Singapore. We learned to be adventurous, courageous and independence. Today most students are chauffeured driven right up to the college level. I wonder whether they are considered as lucky or not!

After my form five education, my parents no longer had to take care of me. That't the time all the school leavers had to look for their jobs as fast as possible. Our salaries had to be given to our parents for safe keeping, and in turn we took our weekly allowances from the mothers. Today is different! After the graduation from the universities, parents have to seek employments for their children. They even attend job interviews together with their children at time. What a joke is this? Before the children start their jobs, parents have to buy a brand new car for them. An old car is shameful to start with! Few days ago, a mother just told me she had to pay the car instalment for 2800 a month for his Engineer son who only earns 3000 monthly. Whereas those days, I had to save first before I could buy an old Honda Cub 50 cc. Not a car but rather was an old motor cycle. 

Though I got marry very young in life, both my parents had already left me. My marriage was a very simple one, when I had to save and prepared the entire wedding all by myself. Today is different again. The children would get marry without paying a single dime. Because the fathers are too eager to spend and let the entire community to know. Last year I had a rich client who spent 3 million on a grand wedding function for his first son. Later I asked the father.... who helped him when he got marry 30 years ago. He said his dad was a poor man, and he was like me who had to save for his own marriage. See! What a laugh again? In order to make things much easier for his son, a million dollar high class condominium is given to his son as a wedding gift plus a brand new BMW included. 

So! Would you agree with me now, when I said the new young generation is brainless? Because the older generation never give the opportunities for their children to think. We have pampered and spoiled our own children. I wonder how the world is going to survive later!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, Robert.

My boyfriend's mom is one of them, beh tahan.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear anonymous,

If you love him, build him up. For the saying goes... For every successful man, there is always a woman behind. Good luck.