Friday, March 22, 2013

Unprofessional practice.....

What a way to promote selling of life insurance?

Recently one of a life insurance company in my homeland, offered a challenge to their agents of getting free latest iPad for achieving their sales. In order to qualify for this challenge, the agents have to register first for the contest prior to commencing their sales. A time frame of a few month is given to hit the needed target for a free iPad. The next condition is, if the registered agents cannot fulfil or hit the required sales, then the agents have to pay in full for the iPad. Meaning, iPad isn't free then. And the Company was smart, they wanted their agents to be committed for this crazy challenge. Down the line, all their agency managers incited their own agents to take this challenge. Those agents who might not take the challenge were considered as coward. 

To me, selling life insurance is a professional job. We encourage prospects to buy our products, mainly because we feel they require the need. They buy because they need the protection, they buy because they love their families, they buy because they want the peace of mind. As a professional agent, we inspire and motivate our clients to realise their needs. We never force our prospects to buy but rather we preach our products as a love gift for their loved one. Our job is noble and kind. We are not out to make a fast buck and eventually disappear to no where on earth. Our job needs plenty of patience and trustworthiness before our clients can accept us totally. Yes! Selling life insurance is a long term career.

So sad to me! By throwing this challenge of getting free iPad doesn't seem professional to me. In the mind of those agents who had registered for the competition I would ask....Were they selling because the clients needed life insurance or they sold because they wanted to obtain free iPad? 

You tell me please? 


Happy walker said...

is like that 1 loh~ see till sien d~

Unknown said...

i very much agree.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not so Lonely & Cianna,

Thank you for the comments.