Thursday, March 28, 2013

See the bright side of the bad....

Husband and wife went to have lunch at the club house. The wife was very furious and upset because her order was delayed. Upon checking with the waiter, they reset her order again. However they made another mistake by serving her meal to another table. Though the food was served to her much later, she really didn't enjoy it any more. Later the evening she told her husband, she would not patronise this restaurant again.

Being a positive minded man, he consoled his sweetheart. Nobody is perfect. If those waiters and captain at the restaurant are so efficient, they would have been a boss to themselves. Not forgetting most of them are not local workers too. Darling, we should see the good part of everything. Forget this one incident of their mistakes. Would you agree, the environment in the club house and the restaurant is pleasant and comfortable? The waiters are neatly dressed, and they always smiled and greeted us when we visited them. The view of the swimming pool and the garden outside is good to admire. We could stay in the restaurant for hours doing our work and yet nobody would mind. We can't sit too long in other restaurants outside, unless we continue to order food. Parking at the club house is easy and free. 

Finally the wife said you are right darling. I should not complain any more. There are more good points than bad.

Moral of the story: Most people could not see the brighter side of our lives. Is always easy to determine the wrongs and confront mistakes. We complain more than we appreciate.

Food for thought - "Good things can be bad if you look at the dark side. Bad things can be good if you look at the bright side".

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