Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buy when you don't need it.... Please remember.

Two years ago, on reviewing two of my clients' personal life insurance covers, I reminded them to top up their needed medical needs. One is a medical doctor, who insisted that medical insurance wasn't very important as he himself is a professional doctor knew how to take care of himself. The other is a professional legal adviser, refused to accept my suggestions to upgrade her low medical benefits. My advices were totally rejected, and both were very arrogance with their views. I felt so sorry for them, and had to accept their point of views at that moment of time.

Almost at the same time, three months ago my above doctor friend was admitted for a severe heart disease and was hospitalized for two months. And the legal advisor was admitted for a suspected ovarian cancer. Both their admission bills were paid by our company. It cost them a huge amount of money for all the needed medical treatments. On returning home from the hospitals, both called to seek my advices to upgrade their covers immediately. They claimed that they had recovered and would be happy to sign up for more medical insurance now. They were willing to sign and willing to pay, but deep down in my heart I knew it was really too late to buy life insurance any more. Not to discourage them, my suggestion was... let's wait until you have fully recovered, when your attending doctor could give you a favourable medical report. 

The toughest part of selling life insurance is when you meet too intelligent prospects who think that they won't die too early or would not get sick at all. And the funny thing with my product is... Buy Life Insurance when you don't need it, cause when you need it you can't buy. My story speaks the truth.


Hadley said...

The best time to purchase life insurance is when you realize you have an actual need for coverage. Don;t wait when you have a need. Because your health may change and you may not qualify for the life insurance policy. you need. And, you can get a better rate when you are young and healthy, compared to waiting years and paying a lot more for coverage.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Hadley,

Thank you for adding more...