Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Success comes along with manhood..

CW and Ariff are successful young entrepreneurs whom I have known for the past several years. The flashy cars they are driving could tell how aggressive they are. They are always on the move, speak well and have a dynamic personality. Except they have no time to exercise, and without them realising they are constantly abusing their physical in order to achieve their goals. 

In order to frighten their thoughts, this was what I shared with them. I asked both of them this question: If there was a rule that specified that when you achieve success, you aren't allowed to own and drive your dream cars (BMW or Ferrari) , except to drive a small car like The Kancil. Would you be happy?

Both replied No. They were very honest and truthful. When they first started to work, they were driving old second hand motor car. They were not complaining because they had very little saving then. Not today because they had climbed the ladder of success, and financially they are certainly rich and wealthy now. Is natural that they have the desire to fulfill their dreams and want. Driving their BMW and Ferrari are satisfying at the moment.  

I continued... If you have money and cannot drive your dream cars, you will be unhappy. What about when you reach 65 like me, when you are even more successful than today, filthy rich and wealthy than what you have now but your unhealthy physical doesn't allow you to have sex and you are also surrounded by many beautiful ladies who beg you to romance with them. Would you be happy??

Both couldn't answer that simple question!!! Reason because they are not that old yet. On their face I told them... If that happened, you would cry and your heart would be sorrowful. You have all the money, fame and glory but your little brother could not get the erection because you have abused and took him for granted when you were young. The pain would be just like having success but cannot drive your dream cars now. 

My advices to my dear friends... Be a rounded person. Yes career is important but health is even more important. 

Food for thought - "You don't pay the price for success, you enjoy the benefits of success." -Zig Ziglar


Loraine Branan said...

What a great post. Young people that thrive for success should be asked those questions, as it's not just about the things that bring you success in life. I work with a young adult group and we have been working through Ronald Coopers book How to Win in Life in a Greater Way. is the site if anyone is interested. But it teaches more about the big picture of success and winning at life which is funny to say, but that's what it's about. Again, Great post!

Robert Foo said...

Thank you Loraine.