Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good Attire.....

Cannot forget this particular embarrassing incident.

It was forty five years ago, when I took up my first selling job. The office where I worked had only one lift to serve a block of 15 floors. Those days the lifts were small and they moved slower. My office was on the 12th floor, and I had to take the lift up every morning. 

That particular morning as usual while taking the lift up, I was having a slight stomach disorder. The lift was filled to the utmost, with at least 12 passengers crammed together. The minute the door was closed, I accidentally farted with a silent fart. Oh My Gosh! The fart was extremely smelly. Just imagine a tiny space tightly crammed with a dozen passenger, and without an outlet to release the foul odour, everyone in the lift was yelling madly. In the lift was one innocent Indian worker who dressed shabbily was confronted. Everyone was staring at him with a stern look. He was scolded for farting at the wrong place and time. He kept shaking his head and was trying to deny his innocent. Nobody believed him and I felt so bad for him too. The minute the door opened, everyone rushed out immediately to gasp for fresh air cause the silent fart was unbearable inside. I walked away quietly with guiltiness. 

Moral of the story: A good attire and dress up is important for a better impression on oneself. I was lucky to have escaped such rude manner done by me because my proper dressing pull me through. Though the Indian man was innocent, his untidy dressing judged him wrong. Ever since that day, I made it a point to put on proper attire when I go out.

Dress quote - "We act the way we dress. Neglected and untidy clothes reflect a neglected and untidy mind" - Unknown Source


mdkhan said...

Pity to indian man. Did you meet him and apologize to him and admit that it was you who fart in the lift?

Robert Foo said...

Hi Mdkhan,

No! And till today I felt so bad and shameful of myself. I was only 20 years old then. The mistakes of the past taught me to be more understanding today.