Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Financial Confidence comes with success....

Are you a highly qualified person, has plenty of knowledge, skillful in your work, good personality, speak well and yet lack the personal confidence in yourself? If the answer is a yes, I think I know the reason.

Reason is because you don't have much saving. In the course of my selling of life insurance, I used to emphasize to all my young clients to save. You don't need to have the million to consider yourself rich and financially sound. What they got to do is to save a minimum of six months of whatever they are currently earning. Say you are earning an income of 2000 a month, your saving accounts should be at least 12000. Once you have this minimum amount, your mind would create a feel good feeling in yourself. You know if you loose the job, or the boss fires you, the minimum saving you have, will cushion your needs for another six months. You won't have the fear, but rather you speak more confidently. The feeling offers you the pride, gives you the sense of freedom because you have the personal financial backing. Otherwise, just the knowledge and skill in your work alone might not make your a total confident person. 

Ah! Forgotten to tell you this... The man who has the solid saving normally has the confidence to win ladies as well. So! If you intend to do well, have a lot of admirers and consider to be successful, save the minimum of that six months of whatever you are earning, and Magic would instantly appear right in front of you. Don't forget to let me know too. Okay?

Food for thought - “Money isn't everything...but it ranks right up there with oxygen.” - Rita Davenport

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