Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Love him unconditionally.

Farijah has been in love with her European boyfriend for almost three years. She claimed non of the Malaysian males she had met so far in her life could be better than her current lover. He is romantic, loving, caring, kind and love her so much. I was a bit jealous and upset when she told me that, because she said Malaysian man makes lousy mates. She could be blind herself, as she never knew there was one perfect ideal man always stood in front of her and yet she did not notice at all. Ayoh! Thats Robert Foo lah!

Life is always unpredictable. Farijah had a confrontation with her boyfriend when they were discussing on spiritual belief. Although he came from different nationality, race and culture, he is prepared to accept all changes and adjustment but on the spiritual belief it was a very sensitive issue. Over their long term marriage plan, he refused to be converted to her faith. Out of anger and frustration, the lady left the man the next day with a broken heart.

By chances we met recently and i could see her sorrow and unhappiness through her voice and eyes. With my confidence approaches, she revealed her aching heart to my listening ears. In short, i related to her the three forces of life. They are Spiritual, Knowledge and Wisdom. She was intelligence with knowledge but lacking in spiritual and wisdom. Knowledge alone could bring arrogance and self esteem which might be rejected by those whom she encounter. If only she has wisdom, she could be wiser and be more thoughtful to her partner. A wisdom person could understand the spiritual path clearer too. Unless she is wise, she would never win her man again.

I am glad Farijah took my advices. This morning she sent me this message; "Hi dear, so you are still in Singapore. Just wanting to tell you that 'Talk" we had in your office about using wisdom has impacted me so much. I realised how much and how badly i need love in my life. I got it from Rxxxxxx and i am not willing to live a life that's so lifeless... Worst of it to throw it away. So i used my wisdom, spiritual then knowledge to reach this path of making the best of what i have. I started to have nice feeling yesterday and i am so happy he feels the same too. A big hug for you dear, luv you and thank you very much for being there for me."

I could hear her happy voice and i know she is in love again.

To my dear Farijah - “The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” - Brian Tracy quote


DengDeng said...

Agreed with you, Robert!
The perfect ideal man always stood in front of her while another is hiding at here. :p

As the sales person's philosophy: it is "number's of game". I strongly believed that Farijah has not understood enough of Malaysian males. ;)

Every life has the spirit. Spiritual is inside ourself which some people called as "inner-voice". It is not related to the religion. But most of the religion will teach us how to search for our spiritual. Of course different teaching of religion will have different method and believing. My personal point of view is all the religion have the same objective which is searching for our soul/inner-voice. When we are making a decision, it is our soul/inner-voice to make the decision. Hence, as a wisdom person, he will respect others people decisions and life.

As what I mentioned before:
Knowledge is what we learned from others.
Wisdom is what we experienced ourselves.
Zen is what we practiced everyday with our own philosophy of life.
Spiritual is what inside the life.

I hope that all readers could understood what I comment.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Deng Deng,

I am sure Farijah would read this comment and she would learn more from here. Thank you Deng Deng.

DengDeng said...

"Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love - now you are love."

-- From OSHO's Quotes --