Monday, April 12, 2010

I am always young in heart.

A lady friend said, my dad is almost like your age but he is like a big baby who has to be pampered all the time in the house. He has retired from his business when he turned 50, doing nothing for the past 15 years, except eating and sleeping. Mum could not be late to feed him all his meals at home, otherwise she would get scolding from him. He gets hungry fast, and a hungry man is always a hot temper man. Though he sleeps early in the nite, around 8 or so, he still needs another two naps at 11 in the morning and afternoon again. He spends the whole morning reading all his newspapers, from the front to the last page, every column and lines. Occasionally he and mum would go out to practise tai chi with all their retired friends, chatting grand mother stories most of the time. Dad and mum would wait for their children to come by to take them out. They have no income and they survive from the allowances given by the children. Though they are healthy, the daughter is wondering why dad has no determination and courage to earn an income for himself.

She is seeking my advices because she could see the great differences in me and her father. My time is so occupied from morning right up till midnite. My mind thinks so rapid that even younger people could not catch my thought. I move fast because i have endless appointments everyday. I could drive, talk on phone and even write while driving. My creative mind keeps pouring ideas every minute of the day. Once i am awake in the morning, i don't take any more nap, till midnite when i finish blogging for the world to read. Tai chi is meant for the senior citizens, whereas i fancy the gym to wrestle my muscles and strength with the younger club members. I read the news online, instead of the papers. I don't wait for my children to take me out, but i visit them occasionally because they are thousand miles away from me. Thanks God! I don't need my children allowance but rather i make sure all my clients be happy paying my services rendered.

What makes me to be different from her dad is.. I avoid mixing with elderly folks who have no drive to survive, I always like to befriend younger people who are intelligence and aggressive, I make sure to exercise as much as possible and i like falling in love again. My little darling calls me babe too.

For this dear lady - “If you aren't good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you'll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren't even giving to yourself.” - Barbara De Angelis

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