Monday, April 19, 2010

Life insurance in action.

Smith is 54 and still a bachelor. Recently he was admitted for a mild heart attack and is currently on treatment in the hospital. While he was in the ICU, the first person he thought of was his life insurance agent who is me. I have known Smith for more than 30 years, and i know he always carried my special Emergency Name card in his wallet. On this card is written; IN CASE OF EMERGENCY please contact these three persons. The first is my name, my partner and our secretary name. Our phone numbers are listed on it.

I received the emergency call from the hospital, when Smith gave our name card to the attending nurses. Upon receiving this call, i immediately rushed to the ICU where Smith was resting himself. I spent one hour with him, assuring him that his medical insurance is in order, assuring him that all medical charges would be bore by us, confirming that his will is in good hand, and i would be there for him at all time. Smith has no sibling, and the closes person is his mother who is already 80 of age. I knew Smith would be worried if something bad happened now. Besides offering my assurance, i gave him all the encouragement to stay calm, relax and most important to be brave.

Smith invited me to speak personally with his attending cardiologist who briefed me on Smith's medical situation. My friend allowed me to decide the best recommended medical options for him. He thinks i am knowledgeable and capable, and he has the fullest trust and confidence on me. Yes! I am honour to have this right but equally he has added extra pressure into my work now. After listening and understanding his doctor's presentation, we advised Smith to continue his special medication first before deciding to his needed heart operation. While on medication, Smith has to promise us that he has to change his lifestyle as well. He has to keep to his recommended strict diet plus some light exercises. No smoking and no drinking!

Smith would be discharging today after staying in the hospital for more than 2 weeks. I am glad he is willing to change and willing to accept my decision. I have treated him more than just a client and he has accepted me more than an agent. Selling life insurance is not just selling our products we built friendship and understanding. Anyway this could not have happened if i am not a life insurance agent.

The other side of my Special Emergency Name Card is written - "I must help people without people asking." A short phrase which i had gathered from another good friend, Kabeer who had taught me Wisdom of Life.


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