Monday, April 26, 2010

Man is intelligent but woman is smarter

My recent title, "Are you earning less than your wife?' captured interest over with some of my clients. They asked further questions; Should men be more intelligence and smarter than their women? Or women be more beautiful than their men?

In my personal opinion, all these are facts of life that touches our way of living. Just imagine, if a woman doesn't need to be employed outside as the husband is prepared to work hard and be responsible to take care of his family, everybody would be admiring the wife as a lucky lady. However if the woman has to earn to keep her family going, when the husband is staying back home doing nothing, the whole world would look down upon the man. Is a glamour and nice to be addressed as housewife or a homemaker. No male be called as houseman. Right?

If your boyfriend is intelligent and smart, you definitely would feel good and proud of him. On the other hand, if the girl is more intelligence and smarter than the boy, she might out shine the poor lover. After all, male has to be stronger in every way to take care and protect the females. So if the man is weaker in mind and spirit, he might not be able to provide the sense of security to his love.

Asked my friends, if man is always at upper hand over woman, then ladies might not have anything to show and demonstrate. No my friends! One important factor or quality of woman is.. They have to be more prettier and more beautiful than us. Meaning; a beautiful wife or girlfriend gives value to her man. He might not be handsome but if he has an attractive lady besides, all eyes and admiration would be on them. Their gossip could be..What a lucky man he is!!

Advices to the gentleman. Look isn't important but your intelligence and ability to earn well is.

Tips to the ladies. Don't outsmart your men, even though you are intelligent. Don't pick a man who is more beautiful than you coz he would outshine you. Bring out your external beauty of the face and the inner beauty of your heart which will be your drawing points.

Food for thought - "The true beauty of a woman is her inherent ability to make better a man in every way.” - Don Williams, Jr quote


drgmemoir said...

Searching for a world where no longer will be I and You but only US. :-)

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear,

Well spoken and beautifully written.